Sunroom Design Options for Every Use

Choose from hundreds of sunroom styles and configurations, from patio enclosures and patio rooms to sunrooms and conservatories. Sun Spaces has a glass room addition to complement your home’s style and fit your budget. Whether you are looking for a solarium for growing an indoor garden, a patio room for entertaining, or a full glass room addition for added living space, Sun Spaces has your sunroom solution. So how will your sunroom function for you? Here are some ideas…

Added Living Space

Are you outgrowing your home? A sunroom is a great solution for adding extra living space. A sun room can function as an extended kitchen area, a family room, dining room or just a room for friends and family to gather together.

Fun Room Sunroom

Want the ultimate game room? A sunroom is one of the most enjoyable settings to play a game of pool or air hockey. Sunrooms create a wide open area with large windows that create a festive atmosphere. Have friends over for poker night and enjoy the stars as much as the conversations as you play. Include a wet bar in your sun room and you will have the neighborhood party palace right at home. With a pool table, poker table and a wet bar, you have years of entertaining that you can do in your game room sunroom. If you connect your sunroom to a small deck or patio, you can have a happening party both inside and out with views all around!

Indoor Swimming Pool

Would you like to swim in your pool on a year‑round basis? You can when you enclose your pool in a sunroom. You can choose to attach the sunroom to your home or have a freestanding room addition built around your pool area. Either way, you will get a lot more enjoyment out of your pool investment when you can comfortably swim even during the coldest winter days.

Greenhouse Sunroom

Would you like an indoor garden? A greenhouse sunroom is the perfect room addition for plant lovers and green thumbs. The beauty of a sunroom greenhouse is that you can house plants that you would not normally have enough indoor sunlight for, protect them from frost, and create living space around and with-in them. A sunroom, solarium, or conservatory creates a great open, well‑lit room that plants will enjoy as much as you do.

Indoor Gym

When you cannot workout outside, you can still enjoy the outdoors! Indoor gyms can often feel confining, closed in and stuffy. But if your indoor gym is a sunroom or conservatory, you can workout in an airy spaciousness. Let the outdoor landscape decorate your glass walls so you never feel confined. Keep your mind off of screaming muscles as you are entertained by birds, squirrels, and the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Home Office

Let nature inspire your business ventures. A sunroom can make even the most arduous work day a pleasant one. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature, you will enjoy any project you put your mind to. Need a professional location to bring clients? Your sunroom office will be as welcoming as it is impressive. Give your ideas and projects room to grow in your sunroom home office.