Planning For Your Sunroom

Planning for your sunroom, is key to getting the most out of your additional living space. Let Sun Spaces help you with the planning process. With nearly 40 years of experience and over 5,000 glass room projects, we continue to be driven by our customers’ imagination and desires. Whatever sunroom plans you can imagine, we can help you fulfill your desires. The following considerations will help you get started with the planning process.

What Will Your Sunroom’s Primary Use Be?

What do you want to do in your sunroom? This simple question can have hundreds of different answers. Sunrooms are popular in The Greater Eastside of Seattle because residents love having a room designated to sunlight ‑ a much needed resource during Washington’s short winter days. Others choose to add a sunroom, to have a new game room, added kitchen space, a home gym, home office, indoor garden room, spa or pool enclosure, craft or hobby room, bar or entertainment room, family room, etc. As you can see, sunrooms can have many purposes. Use your imagination to help you determine the primary use of your sunroom.

Where Will You Locate Your New Sunroom?

Think about where you would like your new sunroom. What direction will your sunroom face? Since The Greater Eastside of Seattle provides a mild climate, your sunroom can face any direction you wish. However, a south‑facing room will get abundant sunshine. East and west‑facing rooms depend on your preference: east-facing sunrooms are perfect for watching the sunrise and doing morning activities. An east‑facing sunroom will make a great workout room or breakfast nook. Sunrooms that face west get plenty of afternoon sunshine and allow you to watch gorgeous sunsets. Observe how the sun moves across your house, and choose directions accordingly.

How Will Your New Sunroom Connect to Your Home?

Would you like to open up a whole wall to make your new sunroom, conservatory, or solarium part of your existing architecture? Or would you like to use an existing door, such as a sliding backdoor to serve as an access point? The style of your glass room addition plays a significant role in determining how you will connect your sunroom to your home. Choosing a suitable style sunroom is key.

What Style of Sunroom Will Complement Your Home?

Just as there are hundreds of architectural styles of homes, there are hundreds of different architectural styles of sunrooms. The right design for you depends on both the style of your home and your personal style. While one style may look great on a modern Ranch‑style home, it may not be appropriate for a classic Colonial. We invite you to look at the sunrooms, conservatories, and solariums in this website to find a glass room design that complements your home, the purpose of the room addition, and the connection to your home.