Don’t be stressed this Holiday Season

The weather may be turning chillier and the leaves disappearing, but with Thanksgiving and the winter holidays approaching, you’re likely to have a bustle of activity indoors. Get ahead of things this November by checking these 12 items off your to-do list, and rest easy in a cleaner, cozier home.

Holidays 11. Decorate for the season naturally. You don’t need to spend much (if anything) to bring a seasonal touch to your home. Hang a wreath on the door, and collect acorns and pinecones from outdoors to make a simple centerpiece that will last indefinitely. Bowls of apples, pomegranates and nuts in the shell make for easy (and edible) table decor.

2. Make a donation to your local food pantry. Getting Thanksgiving meal essentials to families in need can make a big impact at this time of year. Check with your local food pantry before you go shopping to see what it is most in need of — it can be hard to keep fresh items that families need, like milk, in stock, so see which fresh items are needed. Of course, food pantries need support throughout the year, so consider making donating a monthly to-do.

3. Schedule a pre-holidays carpet cleaning. Whether you rent a carpet cleaning machine or hire pros, getting rugs freshened up before holiday gatherings will help your home look its best. If you hire a carpet cleaner, consider having your upholstery done, too.


Sunroom vs. Room Addition- What’s the Difference?

Many people are finding it economically smart to expand their existing home rather than move to a larger home; or they may wish to stay in their current neighborhood for other reasons. Regardless, when it is time to add on, you may want to consider which option is best: A room addition or a sunroom? A sunroom is an all-encompassing term that can be either a three season room or a all season room; it could also be a solarium, which is a all season room with a glass roof.

A three season room is not insulated for winter weather, so in four season climates it will be too cold to use during winter months. It typically does not have its own central air-conditioning for summer weather either. An all season room can be used every day of the year: It is properly insulated for every season, has a heating and cooling unit and is a fully functioning room just like any other room in your home.

What are the differences between sunrooms and room additions?


Suitable for any room additionFully Functioning Heat & A/CAssembled or Built in Climate Controlled ConditionsHighest Energy Efficiency PossibleDegree of Cost Control during ConstructionPossibility of Construction DelaysAverage Cost
All Season Sunroom AdditionYesYesYesYesHighLowHigher
Three Season Sunroom AdditionYesNo, Portable Units are OKYesYes, for intended seasonsHighLowLess expensive
Stick-built AdditionYesYesNoNoLowHighHighest

Three Season Sunroom PictureA room addition is built on site: the foundation, the walls and roof are built, windows and doors are hung, and insulation, roofing and siding finish the building. A sunroom is a prefabricated modular addition to your home. It is built indoors under climate-controlled conditions, so there is no danger of building materials becoming mildewed or warped from weather exposure; then it is transported to your location and set in place.

Pre-fabricated sunrooms have more efficient insulation because the insulation is installed at the factory where all areas of the unit can be easily accessed as the sunroom is created. Conversely, it can be difficult to access, caulk and insulate portions of a stick-built addition. Construction for a pre-fabricated sunroom is less costly than a stick built addition and construction is not hampered by weather delays, so your addition is likely to be finished when promised. The other great thing about a modular sunroom addition is that the quality is checked throughout the construction process for consistency. And, of course, there is no limit on the design, style or amenities that you can choose with a modular sunroom.

Finally, there is no comparison between a sunroom addition and a stick built addition when it comes to the square footage of glass. Room additions use narrow, double hung windows with standard sizes which results in a considerable amount of fill material. Patio Enclosures sunroom additions employ edge to edge glass for a 180° view with glass from floor to ceiling improving ambient light that results in more usage of the room.

Consider the Use and Purpose of Your Room Addition

All Season Room PictureIn the final analysis, the best option should be based on your purpose and vision for the room. If you are looking for a little more family living space, a three season or all season sunroom can easily meet that goal; you just need to determine if your room needs fully functioning heat and air-conditioning or if three seasons of use will suffice. Keep in mind that an all season sunroom addition can be suitable for nearly any type of addition. For example, a four season sunroom can be a great way to expand your kitchen and dining area or turn your bedroom into a spacious, luxurious suite.

Why not see for yourself how a three or all season room can add to the spaciousness, function and comfort of your home. Schedule your free in-home design estimate or call us today!

Sunrooms, A Great All Season Investment

In the current economic climate, many people are discovering that improving your home can be less expensive than they originally thought. There’s no need to pack up and move on from your existing home when you can easily extend the space with a sunroom, conservatory or patio enclosure from Sun Spaces.

“Will this be a good investment for my home?” or “Can I afford one of these models?”  The answers may surprise you! With a sunroom, you can use that space year-around, have a quality built room addition, the extra space you know you need, and will certainly enhance the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it. There is financing options, so it makes any of the options available to you.

Naturally, you’ll want your sunroom addition to blend perfectly with the rest of your house so you’ll find that our sunrooms come in all shapes and sizes, with hundreds of different styles to choose from. From solid roof patio enclosures or straight and curved eave glass-roofed sunrooms, to cathedral-roofed conservatories, Four Seasons Sunrooms installed by Sun Spaces can be designed so they’re perfect in both form and function. Whether you want to create a spacious lounge, a dramatic dining room, an indoor play space for the kids or even a tranquil master bedroom, we can make your dream come true.

Sunrooms, conservatories and patio enclosures also offer positive benefits, over and above all that extra space. They flood your home with natural light, improving your general wellbeing and they bring the outside inside, 365 days of the year. So you can enjoy the beauty and serenity of your garden without being troubled by bugs or inclement weather; stargaze after dark; observe the wildlife from the comfort of your armchair or entertain family and friends with ease and elegance.

Find out more about our beautiful Energy-Saving Windows & Doors, Sunrooms, Conservatories, Patio Enclosures, or Room Additions… By setting up a FREE in-home design consultation you’ll get SAVINGS COUPONS to redeem when you buy one of our products!Four Seasons

What Makes Structural Insulated Panels So Effective?

If you spend any time around construction, sooner or later you’ll hear about the wonders of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). SIPs are extremely sturdy, cost-effective, and durable construction materials, making them a popular choice for all manners of building.

A SIP is basically a piece of insulating foam sandwiched between two building materials, most commonly oriented strand board. This makes SIPs extremely customizable, allowing builders to fit them to any size or shape necessary.

Depending on the type of foam core used, SIPs can also offer increased insulation, superior moisture barriers, and higher fire resistance. This offers you superior performance at a low price, making it easy to see why SIPs are so popular.

Once constructed, SIPs create well-insulated rooms, ensuring they stay comfortable and affordable to heat or cool. This allows for easier and less expensive installation, not to mention saving you money on utility costs down the road.

If you’re looking for the best way to construct a sturdy, well-built sunroom or addition without breaking the bank, SIPs from Sun Spaces are just what the doctor ordered.

Can I Afford Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)?

Many homeowners, when learning about all the advantages offered by Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), immediately wonder if their budget can handle this level of craftsmanship. Imagine their surprise when they learn that, not only are SIPs ideal for building a sturdy, durable room addition, but they’re also tremendously cost effective.

There are two primary reasons why SIPs are so affordable. The first involves how easy they are to create. SIPs are made under factory controlled conditions, and you can use SIPs to fit any structure you desire. This translates into lower labor costs, and a superior bottom line.

The second reason why SIPs offer so much value is because they’re so well insulated. Not only will this save you big money down the road (due to lower utility costs), but it also means you can get by with smaller heating and cooling systems during insulation. This chips away at one of the biggest construction expenses right off the bat.

Ultimately, we believe the question isn’t, “Can I afford to use SIPs?” The question is: can you afford not to?